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Personal loan

Need a personal loan? This formula is yours.

Real Estate Loan

A real estate loan or a mortgage loan? Here is the solution.


A long term project is the Investment you need.

Worldwide recognized and trustworthy

Financing and solutions for individuals and emerging companies

We always offer our best services to our customers and we always try to achieve the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Whether it is a short, medium or long term loan, UNIVERSAL PRESTAMO s The mission of promoting credit financing wherever the need arises is assigned.

Who are we?

With us, borrow in all flexibility!

UNIVERSAL PRESTAMO is a leading player in the granting of credit to individuals as well as to professionals. Constituted as a financial institution, UNIVERSAL PRESTAMO is today the benchmark for credit in the world.

Thus, Building a new relationship with our partners every day, innovating in this relationship, this is the project that drives the women and men of UNIVERSAL PRESTAMO. To conquer we innovate, to build loyalty we keep our promises. .

  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • The most from us

Actively contribute to the development of the regional economy and more particularly that of its host countries by granting short, medium and long term credit.

Organize and innovate in order to facilitate the transactions of the booming middle class and the future needs of young people in large numbers.

You do not need to travel. You just have to submit your request with the necessary supporting documents and your file is processed.

Credit is us!

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What we offer

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exceptional financial

Our goal is to promote short, medium and long term loan financing at competitive rates. With us, borrow and repay with complete freedom.

Personal loan

Get a little closer to achieving your dreams by making use of our personal loans and meeting your financial needs at attractive interest rates.

Car loan

The car loan is therefore the solution for new transport equipment. Also called assigned credit, it is intended for the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

Real Estate Loan

Thanks to the mortgage from UNIVERSAL PRESTAMO, it is now possible to make your dreams of buying real estate a reality. Why rent if you can buy?

Investment loan

The investment loan is the ideal product for clients who have few financial commitments and who want to use the leverage strategy (borrow to invest).

Consolidation of Credit

The principle of debt consolidation is very simple: UNIVERSAL PRESTAMO grants you a single loan to repay all your debts. It's better to be discharged.

Other Services

Our financial services offer is based on the expertise of three businesses: Credit, Investment and capital management. Contact us and we will study your case.

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